About the Story

Four children and IT – “What if you could never turn off your friends?” That’s the concept behind SuperMegaNet (often abbreviated “SMN”), a somewhat absurd webserial I started in August, 2008 as a means of keeping myself in practice, writing-wise. As time passed, however, this simple exercise grew into something with a plot, characters, and dialog. I’m beginning to think I’m in the process of piecing together a novel of some sort—but I don’t know the ending. Or the middle. In fact, I can’t even recall the beginning that clearly. It just sort of happened. Like conception.

The basic premise: Four unlikely friends are permanently linked together when they install a beta “ultimate collaboration” app on their computers / phones—that allows them to teleport to and from each other’s homes at ease. Of course, they get more than they bargain for when they discover they can’t turn their connections off

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About the Author

I’m a book designer and ebook formatter at A Darned Good Book by day, supreme overlord of the SuperMegaNet pseudoverse by night. Sometimes I also write stories, novels, and screenplays.